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"Support us to build an enlighten generation!"

We thank and praise Allah, the Compassionate, the Wise. We bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, who has made the heavens and the earth our classroom so that we may know Allah’s creation and serve Allah, with understanding. Every venture, invention or science is born out of a need and the need for today’s society is a need-related education that is, giving your children the knowledge which they can use.

“Educate your children, they must live in a time different from yours” goes the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Education must therefore anticipate the future, keeping in mind the present and learning from the past. Ignorance is not bliss. Though it runs the evils of today’s society, namely mass poverty and destitution, corruption, bribery, high disparity between rich and poor, innovations in religion, disunity and hatred.

Thus, it is our sincere appeal to all the concerned and responsible citizens of the community to come forward and sponsor deserving students and education you would want for your own child! May Allah reward you with abundance in this world and the hereafter!

Support the education of deserving students in the form of scholarships

You can sponsor one student or contribute to the scholarship fund.

O you who believe! Give to the others in charity of only the good things which you have earned and also that which We have brought forth for you out of the earth and do not think of selecting only the useless stuff as you would not yourselves accept with closed eyes, and God is above all needs and Praiseworthy” – Quran 2:267

We have provided approximately Rupees 14 lakh (Fourteen Lakh) scholarship amount for the academic year 2023.

Donation (zakat, sadaqah, charity etc. – all kind of charity) is only used for scholarship. It is not used for building development.
Please feel free to call or send WhatsApp message to the founder and secretary Syed Aktar Ali if have any query at +91 85840 03164.

  80G certificate can be provided to available income tax exemption