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About Us

Hamdan Mission is situated amidst serenity and the mesmerizing beauty of the nature at Baganda, Uluberia in the district of Howrah in West Bengal. Nestled in this beauty is a residential institute which brings about a new method of imparting education, catering to the constantly growing needs of the students of today, with unique mix of technology and practical knowledge along with an inculcation of morals and ethics. Our mission strives to provide students with quality education to attain success by setting a strong foundation based on Islamic values and ideals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow our students in such a way that they will be successful in this World as well as in the Hereafter Insha’Allah. At the same time we want to be cause for the social upliftment and development.

Our Vision

The vision of Hamdan Mission is to become a center of excellence in the field of modern education with an Islamic environment. Meritorious brains are being destroyed because of poor financial condition. We want to help those meritorious brains to become asset of the society.

Our Values

Our values are the source of our strength. We provide a framework within which we carry out our vision. Our values help develop our educational culture and enable our students become productive and integrative with the society in a manner that blends change with continuity and morale with academics.

Our Cultures

We believe that students can be best educated when they are taught with examples of moral values and standards. Tolerance and correct understanding of one’s and other’s religion is crucial to build a harmonious society since cultural influence is an indispensable part of human nature.


We strive to possibly provide the best of facilities to our students to enhance their skills and learning processes to the optimum level with the aid of modern technological inventions.

Lofty Goals

We endeavor to prepare our future generation who are fully equipped with modern and competent knowledge which has been colored with the hues of their religion, culture and morals so that they always strive to serve their nation and community with honest dedication and prove themselves to be the best creation of the Almighty.

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Baganda (Monsatala), Baganda, Uluberia, Howrah, 711315, WB